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Because of YOU the 5th Annual Health Empowered Beauty Fashion Show was a success!

Thank you! First of all - thank you for supporting the5th Annual Health Empowered Beauty Fashion Show! If it weren't for YOU, the show wouldn't be possible. "I want to be Reed next year." That was what one of the models in this year’s Health Empowered Beauty Fashion Show said when the event was over. She was expressing her heartfelt desire to be like Reed, former resident of Susan’s Place who came back to tell her housing success story.
We have that same hope for the residents of Susan’s Place. Thanks to your support of the Fashion Show, as residents do move out, they will be prepared to set-up their new home with household supplies, personal care items and other needs to help make the transition as smooth as possible.
Our thanks to YOU for making this possible, and to our hard-working volunteer planning committee, sponsors, gift bag and raffle donors, designers, influencers, hosts, and our volunteers, including professionals from many fields such as photographers, vid…

Special Guest: NBC The Blacklist's Amir Arison

Care for the Homeless is excited to announce, Amir Arison will be attending the 5th Annual Health Empowered Beauty Fashion Show!

Amir Arison is widely known for his extensive film & television work as an actor. Currently a series regular as fan favorite, 'Aram Mojtabai' on NBC’s hit series The Blacklist, opposite James Spader. You may also know him from his other TV roles in HBO's Girls, teh Emmy Award-winning Homeland, Zero Hour, and Law & Order: SVU.

Recent film credits include: Jane Wants a Boyfriend, Before the Sun Explodes, Big Words, Merry Friggin' Christmas w/ Robin Williams, Today's Special, Nia Vardalos' I Hate Valentine's Day, Tom McCarthy's The Visitor, among others. Upcoming, Amir will be starring in the indie feature 20 WEEKS. 

Amir's notable guest star appearances include: FX's American Horror Story, ABC’s Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Major Crimes, The Mentalist, Marvin Marvin, Medium, Undercovers, NCIS, Law & Order: Cr…


After losing her apartment, Nicole became homeless. Although she is facing the hardship of homelessness, she finds comfort in Susan’s Place. “It’s hard, but they’ve been good to me,” she said. Staying positive keeps Nicole going. “Faith and hope,” she said. Having faith and remaining hopeful gives her the strength to work towards her goals. “It is my beliefs that keeps me going,” Nicole said.

Health Empowered Beauty is “everything,” if you ask Nicole. She believes beauty is “the extension of a woman.”   

Be sure to join us October 2, 2017 at The Mezzanine for the 5th Annual Health Empowered Beauty Fashion Show where women such as Nicole will be walking as models. You can purchase tickets here.


Maxine came to Susan’s Place after having struggles at home. She says Susan’s Place has helped her by teaching her patience. “I was used to going from 0 to 1,000 and end up fighting someone. Now I am here, learning to have patience and cope with the here and now,” she said. 
This is me–very unique.
She believes beauty is knowing yourself well enough to deal with your insecurities and uncertainties. “We all have insecurities and beauty is learning how to cope with it.” Remaining confident and having faith is a code that she lives by. Maxine refuses to use negative terms when setting goals for herself, “I don’t like to use the terms ‘can’t’ and ‘fail.’” Her positivity embodies who she is as a person; she defines herself as “unique.”

Be sure to join us October 2, 2017 at The Mezzanine for the 5th Annual Health Empowered Beauty Fashion Show. You can purchase tickets here.


Barbra found herself homeless after she fell ill, causing her to lose her job. “Being in a nursing home left me unable to take care of things at home, so I ended up in Susan’s Place,” she said. She always had someone in her life to help her, but Barbra says her goal is to be and STAY independent from “shelter life.” Before Susan’s Place, either her mother, brother, or sister were assisting her. Now, Barbra says she will be able to take care of herself.
Barbra has not only found shelter at Susan’s Place, she has also found friendships. She says the friendships she has made at Susan’s Place built her up when she felt down. “I’ve had a lot of women encourage me while being here,” she said. “It was a journey, but a good journey,” she continued. “Your charisma and your actions is what make the combination of beauty – it’s what in your heart.”

Be sure to join us October 2, 2017 at The Mezzanine for the 5th Annual Health Empowered Beauty Fashion Show. You can purchase tickets here.

You're Invited to the 5th Annual Health Empowered Beauty Fashion Show!

5th Annual Health Empowered Beauty Fashion Show What? Join us for the most inspiring fashion event of the year, the 5th Annual Health Empowered Beauty Fashion Show.
Billed as the only fashion show of the year that changes the lives of homeless women--the event features the residents of Susan's Place as supermodels.
Seating is limited! Get your tickets today! Where? The show will take place at  The Mezzanine NYC, located in downtown Manhattan.
55 Broadway New York, NY 10006


“A woman for all seasons” is Anita’s philosophy, inspired from a book by Sir Thomas, “A man for all seasons.” Anita says the book has taught her to be the woman she “needs to be in any season of her life – a woman for all seasons.”
Beauty is about your heart, your soul, your spirit, your faith, and your hope. Not your outer appearance.
After becoming temporarily disabled and losing her job, Anita eventually became homeless. “I needed a place where I can start all over and that’s what Susan’s Place has been for me. My dream is to start my own business. I really want to continue to do computer work as an IT professional,” Anita said. “I need a profession that will work with my health concerns,” she continued. After becoming homeless, Anita found herself “under a lot of pressure and stressed.” “I was also very depressed,” she said. Susan’s Place helped her move away from a dark place. “Susan’s Place has been a refuge for me…coming here, I was able to relax,” she said. Anita took advantage …

Save the Date!

Tickets go on sale August 7! Seating space is limited so be sure to get your tickets early!