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“A woman for all seasons” is Anita’s philosophy, inspired from a book by Sir Thomas, “A man for all seasons.” Anita says the book has taught her to be the woman she “needs to be in any season of her life – a woman for all seasons.”
Beauty is about your heart, your soul, your spirit, your faith, and your hope. Not your outer appearance.
After becoming temporarily disabled and losing her job, Anita eventually became homeless. “I needed a place where I can start all over and that’s what Susan’s Place has been for me. My dream is to start my own business. I really want to continue to do computer work as an IT professional,” Anita said. “I need a profession that will work with my health concerns,” she continued. After becoming homeless, Anita found herself “under a lot of pressure and stressed.” “I was also very depressed,” she said. Susan’s Place helped her move away from a dark place. “Susan’s Place has been a refuge for me…coming here, I was able to relax,” she said. Anita took advantage …

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